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Books to Read this June Holidays!

With the June holidays upon Primary school students, parents may scramble to find ideas for activities or places to go to keep their children engaged. Certainly, there will be days where there is some downtime, where the kids are cozied up at home. Almost inevitably, there will also be a smartphone in their hands. Hours will whizz past with their eyes glued to the screen. Though it might take some coaxing, why not look to fun books instead that will magically transport them to another world?

Primary School Maths Applied to Real Life

I remember that as a kid, I asked my maths teacher what I still believe today to be a valuable question: how does algebra help me in real life? I think that for many children like myself who are more visually-oriented needs to learn through what they see, not what they hear or even read. They need to see first-hand just how useful maths can be to be motivated or convinced that maths is worth learning…