This week, I’m here to share with you some websites you could browse for maths-related content that you might find useful. If any of these links help you, feel free to share with other parents in the comments below how they’ve helped you and what part of the sites you find most useful.

● https://mathstory.com/
A helpful resource portal with many math videos, songs, poems and stories for young children.

● https://www.internet4classrooms.com
A portal which has interactive Maths Skill Builders to help children practice the different maths concepts using pictures and graphs.

● https://www.aplusMath.com/
A website which has a Game Room that offers games such as Matho and Hidden Picture. Children can test their maths skills with its e-Flashcards and eWorksheets. There is also a Home Helper to help children to check on their maths solutions.

● https://www.coolMath.com/
This site offers tutorials, practices, and exciting activities. It has sections which include maths games, free online games and puzzles.

● https://www.curiousmath.com/
A website for children who have a keen interest in mathematics and want to find out more about the wonders of mathematics. It includes different fun maths-related activities your child could try out to more easily solve his maths problems in the future.

● https://www.eduplace.com/kids/mw/
A site which provides a library of Math games, e-manipulatives and brainteasers.

● https://www.funbrain.com
A fun and interactive website for children. The games allow children to compete among themselves. You could find all the maths-related games under the section, “Math Zone”.

● https://www.umsl.edu/~wpockets/index.html
A website for parents and children with an interactive game that teaches about money management. Parents can pick up some tips, activities, and ideas to help guide your child how to use money wisely.

With these maths resources, I hope you will be able to help make the subject more engaging and fun for your child. If you have any other maths resources online that you recommend, please feel free to share your links below. Till then, I hope your kids will have fun learning!

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