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With the June holidays upon Primary school students, parents may scramble to find ideas for activities or places to go to keep their children engaged. Certainly, there will be days where there is some downtime, where the kids are cozied up at home. Almost inevitably, there will also be a smartphone in their hands. Hours will whizz past with their eyes glued to the screen. Though it might take some coaxing, why not look to fun books instead that will magically transport them to another world? Look no further as Conceptual Thinkers has gathered a list of books to read that your Upper Primary school kids will undoubtedly enjoy!

1. The BabySitters Club Series

Image Source: Scholastic Website

Theme: Friendship, Responsibility
It all started out as a problem with a lack of babysitters in town and parents not knowing where to reach babysitters. No sooner did this become a flourishing business idea chipped by one of the founding members of the club, Kristy. The BabySisters Club series tells the lives of the members who start a babysitting club. In this babysitting club, parents can simply dial one number to reach a number of babysitters. Each book is written alternating between the viewpoints of different members. Though first published in 1986, the series has recently gotten a revamp of its book covers, with a Netflix adaptation to boot. As the members grapple with school, club responsibilities, family and friendship feuds, kids will no doubt find the lives of the girls relatable, while learning a lesson or two.

2. I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World

Image source: Goodreads

Theme: Inspirational, Memoir
Who wouldn’t be familiar with the story of a Pakistani girl who fought for the right for girls to attend school? Now your kids can too by picking up this memoir of a teen Nobel laureate. Parents have called this one of the “great adolescent books to read” and a great way to expand their children’s worldviews.

3. Mist-Bound: How To Glue Back Grandpa

Image Source: Goodreads

Theme: Fantasy, Singlit
Written by a Singaporean author, this book tells the story of a girl who has to go through a tumultuous journey to find the ingredients to brew Memory Glue, all to save her grandfather’s shattered memories. The book weaves many elements of South East Asian mythology such as the duyung (a Malay term for mermaid). This book is heartwarming and can be a great conversation starter for kids to topics such as dementia. Fantasical with heartwarming touches, why not pick up this book for your children and also support #Singlit?

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