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World Pi Day

World Pi day is celebrated every year on the 14th of March. This date represents the first 3 digits of pi (3.14). This is also

Holistic Development Series

3 Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Kids

There is no denying that there are instances of students performing well in English with just repeated rounds of practice and rote-memorising of model compositions; All of this achieved while barely having read any books. Why then is there still such a great emphasis on reading books and cultivating a love of reading?

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Holistic Development Series

Holistic Development Series: 3 Ways to Build Leadership Skills in Your Child

While there is a strong emphasis on grades in Singapore, an aspect that is equally, if not, more important, is holistic development. Although parents may spend money on enrichment programs and Math and English tuition, there are actually ‘free’ and everyday ways we can encourage holistic development in our children…


Setting goals with your kids

As a new year begins, many parents may want to set expectations for their children and seek ways to achieve them. With your child now one level higher than before, the level of difficulty will increase. Setting goals…