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Learners are individuals and they perceive questions in different ways. It is easier and essential to explain difficult concepts or rules with direct personal attention. This is emphasised by the constant tutor supervision and guidance that is always available at Conceptual Thinkers tuition centre. With a class size capped strictly at 8, Conceptual Thinkers equips your child with the required skills & aims to achieve the key to a results-driven success for every individual.

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Conceptual Thinkers is a tuition centre in Singapore specialising in conceptual learning. Offering Maths tuition and English tuition based in Jurong, students at Conceptual Thinkers are exposed to a holistic and meticulously curated curriculum where we drive home conceptual learning as opposed to mindless drilling. Here, students are encouraged to think beyond the surface and are trained to think with a big picture in mind.  

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With many years under our belt as an established tuition centre in Jurong, Singapore, let’s see what our students and parents are saying about us!

Our Concept

Having scoured the entire syllables, we have meticulously reframed the syllables into our unique pedagogy by breaking down topics into easier-to-understand components. For instance, our lesson materials are founded by going across different topics in the syllables and grouping them into components with similar concepts. Not only does this make it easier for your child to grasp difficult concepts by linking it across topics, he or she will also be able to identify the correct approach to various question types almost instinctively. This, whilst ensuring that he or she develops a deeper sense of understanding for the topics. This goes against the standard teaching and drilling questions by topics methodology commonly approached in other tuition centres in Singapore.

Conceptual Thinkers Concept
Conceptual Thinkers

Several studies show that rote learning, while necessary to a certain degree, can significantly impede a child’s learning abilities if used extensively. A good combination of critical thinking skills, exposure to a broad number of questions and minimal memorising while rooted with an in-depth appreciation and true understanding of concepts is the perfect methodology to maximise your child’s learning potential.

So if you truly want to make a difference in your child’s life, strongly consider giving our center a call and getting him or her to go for lessons today!

Why Choose us?

Our teachers are trained in teaching the centre’s 4I methodology. They also have at least 5 years of teaching experience in the specific level and subject they will be teaching your child.


We use a 4Is teaching methodology to train students in various concepts and answering challenging Mathematics questions confidently. It is structured as follows:

  • Interpret the question by highlighting key words and understanding the problem
  • Identify the concept related to the question (for example Part Whole, Equal Stage, Speed, Circles etc)
  • Implement the concept methodology in a step-by-step manner
  • Inspect, or check, the solution to ensure it makes sense and gets back the values stated in the question

For primary school, the focus will be on applying concepts in problem sums and exam standard questions. For secondary school, it will be on conceptual practices and real-world application questions.


Our English programme at Conceptual Thinkers places emphasis on building a foundation of Grammatical concepts and creative writing, to cultivate a sense of appreciation for the English language. We offer:

- A structured Grammar programme, divided into different word class (Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs) where students learn Grammar rules to apply correctly for exam questions

- Monthly Spelling tests, including commonly misspelt words and good phrases for Compositions

- Creative Writing programme (Introduction techniques, Characterisation etc) with monthly Composition writing tests, with feedback on how to improve

- Monthly Readings of interesting articles with post-reading discussion in the classroom to encourage critical thinking and build up vocabulary and confidence in the English language

These components will be taught regularly throughout the year to strengthen the student's foundation in English.

Detailed and personalised Evaluation Form is provided for each child after every concept learning lesson. The form covers common areas of improvements (careless, missing steps, units etc) and comments on the child’s progress and attitude during lesson.

We offer incentives to students to encourage them to complete their work, be attentive in lessons and score well in the examination.

We also talk to students regularly to find out what are the challenges that they face in learning. Then, we will discuss with parents to come up with ways to help them to overcome their issues so that they can enjoy their learning journey.

Class Size is small, capped at 8. This gives teachers the chance to provide ample attention to each student.

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