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Is your child struggling with Vocabulary? Is he or she always scoring low marks in the Synthesis & Transformation section in the English paper? Are you as a parent grasping at straws on how to teach and improve your child’s English? Struggling to find the best and most suitable Primary School English Tuition in Singapore for your child? Worry not, as Conceptual Thinkers Primary English Tuition in Jurong has the answer for you!

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Language is “the infinite use of finite means” (Noam Chomsky)

Excelling in English may require a lot of effort in honing skills in building up language proficiency and a rich lexicon, but it is a subject that is well-rewarding at the end of the day. With such an ‘abstract’ goal, parents may struggle to think of various ways to teach a subject that sometimes has ‘no explanation’. With our team of dedicated and experienced Primary English tutors, we fill in those learning gaps by explaining the logic and reasoning behind every grammatical mistake, or vocabulary error in a systemic and structured way.

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With many different components in the English paper, ranging from Composition writing to Oral, some Primary English Tuition centres in Singapore may choose to focus specially on a specific component while neglecting other components in the English syllables. Your child is in more than safe hands with our Primary English tutors at Conceptual Thinkers in Singapore. With a pedagogy spanning across ALL the components in the Primary English Tuition curriculum, we thoroughly ensure that your child is more than well-prepared for exams. With each class capped at 8, we ensure that every student is exposed to a variety of questions, backed with any explanations if needed during our weekly 1.5h sessions.

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Exclusive English Tips Articles for Your Child

As part of our efforts in collaborative learning with parents, we have also published several articles with tips on how to improve in the various sections of the Primary School English paper. With such tips in your arsenal, you can at home also help your child out with any difficulties he or she may encounter in English. At the same time, it will reinforce what your child has learnt in our Primary School English tuition lessons.

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