When it comes to CCAs, some parents still think that it’s a waste of time and that their children should concentrate on their studies instead. However, there are certain benefits that your kids could gain even in their optional CCAs at primary school.

I’m here to debunk certain myths that parents might hold towards CCAs in general. Today, I shall first talk about how useful CCAs can be for your children’s future.

“CCA is a waste of time. It’s better to concentrate on your studies than something this useless.”

I’m sure that parents today have since moved from traditionalist views of “studying hard alone will bring you great fortune.” As I’m sure you’ve heard me repeated many times by now, our society has become more complex. The workforce no longer looks merely for qualifications; they look for skills, something you can’t achieve with a simple paper.

These skills – be it leadership, teamwork, resilience or character – can’t be attained through studies alone. That’s where CCAs come in. They can be effective resources to let your children practice these skills. Working together with comrades to build a campfire, learning to pick yourself up after losing a competition; these are important life skills and experiences that you cannot find in the pages of a book. Furthermore, aside from training them in various sports, many CCAs can also instill them with competence in subjects that might become relevant in your children’s future, be it music (choir and band), acting (English drama) or excel in the national service (NCC).

And finally, being cooped up in a building all day isn’t healthy either. CCAs can not only help develop physical and mental wellness, they can also help relieve any built up stress your children have attained for the day.

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