PSLE 2020: 5 Ways to Battle PSLE (Part 2)

Preliminary examinations have drawn to a close. Schools and tuition centres in Singapore are now gearing for the final lap towards PSLE. With a little over a month left, we have discussed tips on how to revise for PSLE with our children in this final sprint.

4. Learning From Past Mistakes

As important as it is to practice exam papers, learning from past mistakes is more so. Without internalising such mistakes, the same mistakes will crop up for similar questions. This will cause loss in marks which could have been prevented. A few marks can make the jump between 2 grades. Each subject should have their own files. Tuition centres materials should have their own files too. Encourage your child to cover any wrong questions with a piece of paper and re-attempt them. This ascertains whether your child has really understood and learnt from his/her mistakes. By looking through these files, we have a clearer idea on which are his/her weaker topics. This ties back to last week’s tip ‘Getting Organised’. Compile all these mistakes in a notebook, tagged with the proper topic.

We recommend consulting school teachers or tuition centre teachers for any questions. On the days leading to PSLE, get your child to look through this notebook and internalise the work he/she has done. 

5. Health is Wealth

With the final lap to PSLE, we have to make sure that our children’s armour is well-sustained. This means ensuring that your child is healthy physically and mentally. Encourage a balanced diet of protein and vitamins. Try to avoid processed and fast foods like McDonalds. Instead, reach out for fruits or wholegrain biscuits to snack on. This is especially for replenishing sugar levels in the body. Drink lots of water – we recommend cutting up fruits and placing them inside. By infusing a subtle fruit flavour to the water, it tastes more ‘delicious’. Children will be more likely to drink more glasses of water. It is also imperative not to sleep so late. Establish a consistent sleep routine. Lastly, ensure that your child is not too stressed out. We discuss tips on relieving stress in this article.

We hope you have found these tips meaningful. It is never too late to start. Time management is key. If you feel that your child still requires additional help, Conceptual Thinkers tuition centre is still open for intake. As we go through this journey with our children, let us learn not to pressure them with grades. Instead, let us value character development and self-growth. 

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