A common misunderstanding among some parents is that a high IQ is essential for children to excel in maths and their studies. This is not true. Rather, a positive mindset is more important for studies than some in-born talent for studies. Nurture prevails against nature.

For children, studying can be one of the most important parts of their lives, so why not make it an enjoyable experience for them? If they enjoy it, they will be more keen to study. Being afraid to study (and fail) will only impede your children in reaching their full potential.

So then, how can we parents help our children maintain that positive mindset?

Attitude, Not IQ, is Everything

One of the reasons children are afraid of maths is a lack of understanding how excelling at maths really works. It’s not due to talent; being good in maths instead requires constant practice to understand clearly the various concepts in maths. Concept is something that any child of any IQ can slowly learn and understand with sufficient time.

That’s why it’s also important to not rush your children if they aren’t able to compete with the other students. Let your children know that it’s more important that they try their best to learn the concepts rather than learning them as fast as they can.

For those lacking any interest in maths, you can use techniques to catch their attention, like the many unique techniques I have shared on this page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be as straightforward as drawing two sheep and have your children add them together; you can also incorporate things your children are interested in, such as video games or superheroes, into maths calculation. Think of innovative ways you can engage your children with! The ultimate goal, after all, is to get your children to learn maths at all.

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