Here are more ways you can improve your children’s IQ level using simple everyday activities!

  1. Play with blocks to improve spatial intelligence

Believe it or not, those LEGO blocks are more than just to impress their friends with a Star Wars model. Playing around with blocks, puzzles, memory games or even just toy figurines can let children expand their creativity through construction and improvisation.

Whenever they engage themselves with block-building, children would discover spatial awareness and therefore improve upon their spatial intelligence. This intelligence is the ability to imagine pictures in your mind.

Studies have shown that developing this skill will later support them in science, technology, engineering, and of course, maths. Those who have worked on this skill seemed to be better at arithmetic abilities in Primary School.

  1. Do maths and physical exercise to improve fluid intelligence

The ability of abstract thinking, reasoning, identifying patterns, solving problems and understanding relationships without prior knowledge is also known as “fluid intelligence.” Usually, we use this intelligence when we are faced with a new situation.

The good news is this can be taught by showing examples between the relationship of different objects. For example, teach them the difference between a square and a rectangle, maybe point out square and rectangular objects in your house. Let them see and touch these objects to better feel the difference on a personal level.

You can do this with numbers as well. When showing that 4 + 3 = 7, you can put 4 teddy bears on a desk and slowly put 3 more bears to the count. Make it fun and engaging for your children.

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