Tips on How to Help Your Children Read Accurately (Part 4)


Last time, I talked about using unique ways to influence your children in improving his reading skills. I’m here once again to show you another set of techniques I have to further improve their reading skills.

(7) Guide his reading with an example.

Read the passage of text in front of your child to slowly show him an example of what the proper reading speed and pacing should be. Once you have set the correct speed, read along in chorus with him while you are pointing at each word. Take turns reading the same text with your child, and this should help your child be more aware of where the sentences end and what a proper pacing should be. Finally, at the end of the practice, have your child read the passage by himself.

(8) Separate an entire line of text using reading aids.

Some children have trouble separating the words they are supposed to read. However, there are ways to isolate a single line in a text to help your child. The simplest of these tools would be using two rulers against the top and bottom of the line. Otherwise, you could create your own
“focus card” using coloured paper, such as something like this:

Next time, I shall share the final set of techniques you could use to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on punctuations when reading.

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