More Tips to Help Your Child Engage in Maths (Part 14)

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Many times when you are on the go, you are headed somewhere that requires you to be there by a certain time. Today, Iā€™m going to teach you how to use your journey as an opportunity for some mental maths!

Ease on Down the Road

What to Do

  1. A litre of gas costs $1.90 a litre. What does it cost for 5 litres? 10 litres? 15 litres? 20 litres? What is an easy way to figure this out? How can you estimate the cost by rounding the cost per litre?
  2. The speed limit is 65 kilometers per hour. How far will you go in 1 hour? Two hours? Three hours? How long will it take to go 500 kilometers?

Use a calculator to check your answers.

Parent Pointer: An important algebra concept is finding relationships between two quantities such as kilometers per hour or cost per litre.

Reference: http://math.com/

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