More Tips on Developing Your Child Going to Secondary School (Part 2)


Last time, Michelle Choy shares with us some tips on how to better groom your children in preparation for the transition to secondary school. Here is more advice to help you through the tough times.

Tip 3: Health is wealth

Whether itโ€™s work or school, when the workload increases, both parent and child would force themselves to stay up later to work on the assignments and tasks. However, as we all know, this can have adverse effects on your health, and it is therefore important for parents to cultivate healthy habits in your child to ensure they donโ€™t fall sick. This means having ample sleep, a healthy diet, or getting sufficient fresh air outside, said Michelle.

When both the mind and body are taken care of, we are able to focus more and have sufficient energy for work. The chances of becoming ill, taking MCs and, therefore, missing class would also decrease, she added. It is not an easy routine, but parents should still try their best to get children to sleep as early as possible in preparation for a fresh day in school.

Tip 4: Choose the right co-curricular activity (CCA) together

When it comes to choosing a CCA, discuss with your child on their choices and areas of interests, said Michelle.

โ€œLeave the final decision making to them and give your best support. Your child should choose a CCA that he or she is going to enjoy โ€“ not one that would be a drag for the next four or five years,โ€ she noted.

Given the stiff competition for placement in certain CCAs, she advised parents to help their children see what skills and benefits they can derive from other CCAs if they end up in their second or third choice CCA.

โ€œOne of my daughters chose netball as her first choice, but got into concert band instead. Another was accepted into hockey by direct school admission (DSA), but dropped out and joined dance after an injury. They eventually grew to love their new CCA and made lifelong friends,โ€ Michelle shares.


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