Making Math Fun For Kids – Part 1: A Fun Environment


Regardless of its importance, it’s an inevitable fact that children would find math to be uninteresting and dull. They would eventually become distracted and procrastinate, leaving a trail of unfinished homework and poor exam results.

But much like a math equation, there is always a solution to a problem. As a parent, you are able to change your child’s fate and perhaps even form a deeper bond with him by following the following tips.

But to start anything, you need to have the right attitude, and in order to promote a positive attitude in your child, it’s important for parents to also maintain a positive mindset in themselves. To begin building your child’s affection for math, it’s important to exclude the four following words at home: “Not good at math.” Neither child nor parent should use such negative words at home to avoid discouraging the child from pursuing a lifelong love for mathematics. Help your child understand that they can achieve success and avoid failure, that any homework can be completed regardless of the difficulty, whether with your help or with a teacher’s guidance.

More importantly, keep it fun. Your child’s interest towards math will grow and his fear towards it will dissipate if you maintain a fun and relaxing environment where your child will feel confident that he will succeed on the challenging journey of mathematics. You could even make studying math a game to ignite the fiery spirit in him and making him WANT to overcome this challenge. Children can be very competitive people, even when it comes to math games.

In the next couple of days, I will go into details on the examples of such math games that you can play with your child to improve his math skills. Until then, keep your child excited for math and craving for more!

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