Digitalisation a key role in your child’s education

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In today’s digital era, youths have more exposure to digital services around them, from communications to how they get information. Students in primary schools in Singapore are no exception, and digitalisation may play a key role in your child’s education.

Push towards digitalisation in learning

The government has set aside resources to make education in primary and secondary schools more relevant for the digital economy, through its EdTech plan. Some initiatives include providing personalised e-learning, self directed learning and more. In addition to lessons, school canteens will soon start to accept cashless payments. Beyond schools, IMDA’s* annual Digital For Life festival, held last May, aims to educate youths on protecting themselves online and the latest advances in technology.

Why is it important to expose students to technology in their learning from a young age?

It supplements teachers in focusing on higher level skills. It also prepares us for unforeseen circumstances, such as a pandemic, as it ensures students are able to access the learning resources anytime and anywhere. In addition, it imparts digital literacy skills which would benefit the student in the long run.

How Conceptual Thinkers utilises technology for learning

Conceptual Thinkers also sees the importance of digitalisation in your child’s education. Here, we integrate digital tools to improve learning for students. Some of the following include:

  • Wide screen in-class TV for hybrid lessons: allow students seated at every corner of the classroom and on Zoom to be able to see the workings.
  • Recordings of all primary math and english, and secondary math lessons: uploaded exclusively for students to access anytime and to promote regular revision.
  • Use of digital tools to provide timely feedback to parents and facilitate consultation for students who need help with their problem sums.
classroom with TV
Wide screen in-class TV for hybrid lessons

Let your child join a free trial lesson and benefit from the digital facilities at our centre. Contact us today.

*IMDA: Infocomm Media Development Authority (Singapore)





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