Primary Maths Tuition

Is your child lagging in Maths? Is he or she still unable to make an improvement in his grades despite many efforts? Looking for a suitable Primary School Maths Tuition in Singapore to help him or her? Fret not! Come down to Conceptual Thinkers Tuition Centre and our Primary Maths Tutors in Singapore will lay all your errant worries to rest.

Help your child get the Math grades he or she deserves

With a focus on conceptual learning, our primary maths tuition in Jurong will change how your child approaches difficult Math questions in a way that is easy to understand and effective in the long run. No doubt that your child will experience better grades with our dedicated team of tutors and meticulously curated learning resources in a matter of months.

About Our Primary Maths Tuition Program

With a class size capped at 6, our primary school maths tuition program ensures that your child gets the undivided attention he or she needs by our primary maths tutors to clear any misconceptions or doubts. As opposed to going on a by-topic basis, our unique pedagogy consists of topics based on concepts instead. To illustrate, whereas your child learns fractions in school and have to grapple with various question types, we break this topic down into Part Whole, Equal Fraction and Numbers X Value etc. This makes learning the topic easier, and more effective as we learn how to solve the problems in a more direct and cohesive manner. With a weekly 1.5h lesson, we ensure to cover as much ground possible whilst maximising the learning experience.

Custom-tailored to Your Child’s Learning Pace

Before we enrol your child in our program, we strongly encourage your child to sit for our free diagnostic test. The test allows us to carefully evaluate his or her strengths and sort her or him accordingly to their learning needs. While most primary maths tuition in Singapore have all their students with different levels of capability in one class, we prefer to have your child’s learning needs met with a custom-tailored class, ensuring that he or she is getting the best out of our program.

How We Actively Involve Parents in the Learning Process

Our primary maths tuition program also consists of a weekly Evaluation Chart that helps track your child’s learning progress. Consisting of rubrics such as ‘Carelessness’ and ‘Presentation’, it is an organised overview that pinpoints what is lacking and what can be improved, whilst emphasising on strengths that should continue. This chart will be shown to parents, and hand-in-hand, our primary maths tutors and parents can collaboratively make an effort to improve your child’s learning in math.

Exclusive Video Resources to Supplement Your Child’s Learning

We understand that your child may sometimes be overwhelmed with schoolwork, tuition classes, CCAs and remedials. With a packed and hectic schedule, it may be difficult to recall what has been gone through in tuition lessons and in school. With such a concern in mind, we have exhaustively produced exclusive video resources to supplement your child’s learning experience. You can expect a recap of certain topics and concepts and going through tough and challenging questions in our video compilation. At the end of the day, we only want the best for your child.

If this sounds like the tuition centre for you and your child, do drop us a message if you have any enquiries and give us a call or a message to sign up for lessons today!