What to do now from Prelims to PSLE (Part 1)

With Preliminary Exams over, P6 students can now enjoy a temporary break from studying. It’s good to take time to wind down and relax.  With only a little over a month until the first written PSLE paper, it will be time to go back to the grind soon. Parents may stress over the number of days left, but take heart, with these tips and reminders, we will guide parents to maximise the number of days left to PSLE.

  1. How To Motivate Your Child for PSLE

The first thing to do is to manage their motivation. Your child may be in a celebratory mood after Prelims, but it is important to ensure they get back on track. Your child may also feel disheartened after the papers and may lose hope in studying for PSLE. If your child seems lacking in motivation, we suggest spending time setting up a vision board. A vision board is a collage of pictures and affirmations of dreams to serve as a source of inspiration. It may consist of your child’s dream secondary school, CCAs or a potential reward for doing well in PSLE. 

With the vision board, pictures like the school’s compound or dream CCA encourages them to think positively about the future. Consider printing this vision board out or making it your child’s phone wallpaper. Your child now has a constant visual reminder of their goals. They will have a clearer idea of the outcome of studying. This will spur them to study more meaningfully. Managing their motivations also means praising them. Studies show that praising someone’s ability leads to increased productivity levels.

  1. Getting Organised

With the syllables being completed, it is now good to prepare an overview of all the topics tested for PSLE. This allows your child to have a bigger picture and ensure that no topic is left forgotten. Review and star the weaker topics he/she needs to work on. Collate all the materials that the school or tuition centre have provided and list them by the side. With a consolidated checklist, these form the arsenal for your child to conquer PSLE. Download Countdown Apps to keep better track of days and to maximise the amount of time each day. A sample of a subject review is as follows:

  1. Consider Getting Additional Help

If your child needs an additional push in his or her studies, it is never too late to seek outside help. Tuition centres in Singapore are still accepting students. If it seems daunting to adjust, hiring a private tutor is a promising alternative. Tuition centres make spending time on a subject more efficient. Currently, most tuition centres in Singapore are going through intensive revision. If your child’s foundation is secure, you can consider sending them for tuition classes for the extra boost. If the foundation is still lacking, hiring a private tutor is realistically the best option.

Stay tuned til next week for Part 2 of this series!

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