More myths about CCAs are coming your way in today’s post as I explain the truth behind them.

“Can I enrol my child in a programme outside of school and register it for CCA points?”

While the educational board does not officially recognise any programmes outside of school as an actual CCA, you would be pleased to know that any competitions or achievements that are not solely for the sake of social interaction or self-enrichment can still be recognised under the “Achievement” domain (see previous post).

However – and this is an important point – this is subject to the school’s approval on a case-by-case basis.

“Once I’m assigned to a CCA, I have to be satisfied with it forever.”

First of all, it helps to maintain a positive mindset for your children. Encourage them to try out the new CCA that they are automatically assigned to, even if it doesn’t fit their area of interest. Mastery of an activity or interest is always helpful for their future careers in terms of acknowledging their discipline, hard work and even talent.

And if they don’t like it after a while, most schools do allow changing of at least one CCA, albeit on a case-by-case basis, so it’s never too late for your children. Some schools even allow suggestions of new activities or CCAs, assuming that they have the proper and sufficient resources.

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