More Tips to Help Your Child Engage in Maths (Part 13)


Many times when you are on the go, you are headed somewhere that requires you to be there by a certain time. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use your journey as an opportunity for some mental maths!

How Long? How Far?

What You’ll Need

Information about how far you’re travelling and how long it will take

What to Do

  1. Ask your children how far they think you have travelled and how much more you have to travel.
  2. Talk about how long it takes to get to your destination. If it is 3:15pm now, and it takes 45 minutes to get there, ask if you will make it for a 4:15pm appointment? How much extra time will there be? Will we be late?

Parent Pointer: This car, bus, or train travelling exercise provides many opportunities for children to use mental maths and estimation to calculate time and distance problems.

Reference: http://math.com/

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