Last time, I mentioned that IQ isn’t the most important thing when it comes to maths, it’s attitude. That said, it can still be helpful to have an improved IQ in your child’s studies. That’s why I’m going to list a few tips on how you could improve their IQ.

#1 Read books to them

Books make you smart! By having books read to your kids, you will expand their power of imagination and help improve their grasp on concepts and possibilities.

Aside from just reading words to them, you can also use picture books to help your kids match images with texts, especially for the younger children. This development from a young age can help with not only languages, but also calculus.

#2 Talk about maths with them everyday

Talk to your kids about maths daily, but don’t preach. Make your mathematical conversations casual and light-hearted. You may even use their interest as part of the conversation. For example, “I will let you watch two cartoons at 6PM,” or “Do you want one candy or two?” This allows them to better understand the concepts of numbers and calculations as they try to learn and answer questions related to their interests.

#3 Expand their horizons

Creativity is an important part of improving a child’s IQ. Let them practice their imagination by turning everyday activities into fun situations, like pretending a spoon is an aeroplane as you feed them, or turning their stationery into famous cartoon characters. Expand your child’s brain by engaging them with various ways to explore their surroundings!

#4 Let them practice what they watch

Remember those shows we grew up watching that taught us maths and English? Shows like Sesame Street and Barney and Friends? Let your children watch similar shows like that and then revise what they’ve learnt on those shows, whether it’s using “the letter of the day” in a sentence or pretending to be Count von Count from Sesame Street and count numbers with your children.

And it doesn’t have to be shows on TV either. There are a number of educational videos on YouTube that are perfect to let your children learn new things.

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