Previously, I talked about using blocks and toys to improve your children’s IQ level. Today, I’m going to implement tips that don’t really require objects, merely your motivation.

  1. Believe in them

Whether your kids are smart or above average, it is pointless if you don’t show it. Studies have shown that kids who were told they were smart have higher IQ scores than their classmates. No special tests or selection were performed.

So believe it or not, your words and your faith in them can change their lives.

  1. Praise their efforts to develop a growth-mindset

Praising your children is something I’ve emphasised a lot on this page, but keep note that it’s more effective when you praise their process and commitment, not their end result. The reward of education should be the learning process and journey, not the awards and destination.

A professor at Stanford University, Carol Dweck, has researched the two kinds of views intelligence learners might have. The first is the “fixed-mind set” view that involves the belief that intelligence is a fixed trait. The other is the “growth-mind set” where more focus is placed on the process of learning rather than inherent talent or some inborn intelligence.

In her studies, she found out that praising children how smart they are has influenced them to only tackle challenges of their IQ level rather than any of those that have greater difficulties, whereas praising them for tackling any challenge at all encourages them to take on more challenging assignments.

So how do you encourage a “growth-mind set”? Instead of saying, “Wow, you scored 100 marks! You’re so smart!”, say “I saw that you really worked hard to do your homework. I like that you used different methods on that question until you got it. I’m proud that you didn’t give up!” Be specific with your praises.

Real learning is active. Real learning is emotional.


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