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This lesson is available both online or face-to-face (our centre is at Jurong West Street 52, #01-93 Block 517).

You must be wondering…

Why is our trial lesson FREE?

In the nature of full transparency, parents are usually so impressed by our FREE Trial Lesson and the progress that their child make, that they actually ask to become a client.

So that’s why it’s free.

Helping you/your child to improve his or her math skills can be too stressful for you…

Especially if you’re busy making a living for your family.

Even if you want to help your child on your own…

When you’re confronted with a mathematical problem you cannot solve, you panic.

You feel inadequate to teach your child his or her math syllabus because it’s advanced in leaps and bounds.

And then, there’s this factor that your parent-and-child tandem doesn’t seem to work.

Either your child is not receptive to you or you lose patience with your child. Sometimes, both.

But you know what’s worse?

It’s the time when you finally decide to hire a math tutor for you/your child…

And just when you thought, everything’s going to be okay… It got even worse.

You hired a tutor whom you believe would help your child.

But instead of real help, your child’s result stays the same.

You’re now too stressed and don’t know what to do…

Why Does Our
Method Work?

We put all your child’s concerns first.

Before we enrol your child in our program, we strongly encourage your child to sign up for a FREE Trial Lesson.

While most primary maths tuition in Singapore have all their students with different levels of capability in one class…

We prefer to have your child’s learning needs met with a custom-tailored class, ensuring that he or she is getting the best out of our program.

The test allows us to evaluate his or her strengths and sort him or her according to his or her learning needs.

Now This FREE Trial Lesson Is For You and Your Child If…

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