Convincing Your Child to Befriend Maths


As we know, maths is very useful in life. It is an essential system that helps us with everyday tasks in all aspects of life. However, for children, this reasoning might not be easily understood. “Maths is useless. I hate maths. Why do I have to learn algebra or fractions if I don’t use them in life?” These are common remarks children have brought up over the years.

To help you better respond to such comments in the future, here are some facts you could use to explain to your child why maths can be incredibly important in life, and why excelling in the subject can pave the way to success in the long term.

It Makes for Good Brain Exercise
Many people have often associated maths with smart people. Despite the stereotype, there’s a strong link between maths and a boost in intelligence. Studies have shown that children who know maths are capable of performing cognitive tasks more easily. Their attention span will improve and their decision-making skills will increase.

This can have great benefits in everyday life, such as finding a lost item, solving a puzzle, or even playing video games better! Your kids having problems getting that XBox or Playstation achievement because of a challenging task? Ask them to improve their maths!

It Helps Manage Finances
I’m sure your child will be excited about buying the latest gaming console like the PS5 coming next Christmas or even the Nintendo Switch. But in my experience, whether you are a child buying an XBox One or an adult buying a surround sound system, these luxuries always cost a lot of money, and it’s important to know how to properly manage your finances.

Maths helps with that. To help your child understand that, start small. Plan with him a small finance plan for something he wants to buy, be it the latest iPhone or just video games. Let him think about how to manage his allowance properly so that he could afford these treasures.

It Helps During Travels
What about traveling to other countries over the holidays? Disneyland, children! Traveling there requires maths too. Show your child how maths contributes by having him calculate the cost of hotel accommodations and planning the itinerary to ensure everyone in the family has ample time to do what they enjoy. Your child would therefore be involved heavily in time-management and money calculations.

Can you think of other ways your child might be convinced of the importance of maths? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below!

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