Need a break from your studies? Getting sleepy after a tough lesson? What you may need is a break for your brain. These fun activities can not only let you take a break from your lessons, but also to encourage you to think out of the box.

And parents, not to worry – this isn’t just an excuse for your kids to procrastinate. Rather, these brain exercises would be more effective with your cooperation. You could also include the following exercises in between their lesson plans too whenever you feel like your child needs a break from the homework they are doing. Give it a shot and perhaps your child will be met with renewed enthusiasm in studying!

Bag of Inventions

While studying, keep a bag of different items that can be used for different things. For example: shoelaces, chopsticks, or a roll of scotch tape. Whenever you need a break, take an item from the bag and think of the different things you can do with that item. Don’t be afraid to come up with ridiculous ideas! Use your imagination! And when you have come up with something, write it down on paper.

Note to Parents: Allow your child to share their ideas and reward them for it regardless of how good the ideas are. The point of this is to let your child practise their creativity and exercise unconventional thinking.

Object Alphabet

Sing the alphabet song, but instead of letters, name objects that start with each letter. This will help you improve your English while having fun in naming your own favorite objects!

Memory Game

Line up a number of objects on a table and memorize their order. Close your eyes and have an adult or your parent remove one object from the table. When you open your eyes again, see if you could remember what object has been removed.

If this is too easy for you, when you close your eyes, have the adult remove all of the objects instead and say aloud the objects that have been removed in the correct order they were placed in.

These are just some of the neat little exercises your child could practise with during their break time or free time. See if you could come up with your own brain teasers to energize your brain!

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