Hints and Tips to Improve Your Child’s Spelling

Building a solid foundation in your child’s English spelling can be essential, especially in the working world today where one requires proficiency in English to excel. However, it can be a challenging task to ensure that your child score full marks for that spelling test every time, especially if he lacks strong memory skills. Sometimes, he might even capitalise random letters in a sentence too…


Convincing Your Child to Befriend Maths

As we know, maths is very useful in life. It is an essential system that helps us with everyday tasks in all aspects of life. However, for children, this reasoning might not be easily understood. “Maths is useless. I hate maths. Why do I have to learn algebra or fractions if I don’t use them in life?” These are common remarks children have brought up over the years…


3 Tips From Parents to Parents on Raising Children (Part 1)

Today, I’m here to share with you three valuable tips on guiding your children’s growth from a group of parents whose careers consist of investors, HR experts and lecturers. They are here to share with you how we can start grooming our children good practices that shall become important in the future when they enter the working industry…