Guiding Your Children Through Primary 1 Maths (Part 1)

Now that it’s March, your Primary 1 children should have most likely adjusted to the new environment. However, there’s also the maths they have to learn that you should consider. Starting in Primary 1, maths takes on a more advanced level of technique from their kindergarten years. Here are some tips to get your kids more well-adjusted to the new syllabus…


The Myths of CCA (Part 3)

More myths about CCAs are coming your way in today’s post as I explain the truth behind them.

“Can I enrol my child in a programme outside of school and register it for CCA points?”…


The Myths of CCA (Part 2)

Last time, I talked about how CCAs can help your children build up skills that a normal classroom couldn’t provide. It’s a myth that some traditionalist parents might still hold.

There are more common myths among parents, however, such as this:…