The Myths of CCA (Part 3)

More myths about CCAs are coming your way in today’s post as I explain the truth behind them.

“Can I enrol my child in a programme outside of school and register it for CCA points?”…


The Myths of CCA (Part 2)

Last time, I talked about how CCAs can help your children build up skills that a normal classroom couldn’t provide. It’s a myth that some traditionalist parents might still hold.

There are more common myths among parents, however, such as this:…


The Myths of CCA (Part 1)

When it comes to CCAs, some parents still think that it’s a waste of time and that their children should concentrate on their studies instead. However, there are certain benefits that your kids could gain even in their optional CCAs at primary school…


On the Importance of Switching Off Your Devices

Parents are essential role models for their children. They follow our behaviour and learn by our examples, whether it’s the way we talk to strangers or the proper manners at the dinner table…


Inspiration Messages You Can Send Your Children (Part 1)

In the age of technology today, it’s easier than ever to pass on positive messages to your children through their smartphones. Gone are the days of constantly calling them after school and checking up on them. Now you could simply send a message over WhatsApp, which they could respond at their own convenience (instead of being forced to answer their phone when talking to their teachers during recess or after school)…


Maths Activity: Mathepillar

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you fun maths activities that you could engage your children with, so I figured, why not spice up what you read with something different this time, rather than just another set of parental advice?..