Vaccination for Kids – What Should Parents Take Note of?

The vaccination program for kids under 12 has yet to be approved and rolled out in Singapore. There is some light in the tunnel – the Pfizer/Biontech company has recently submitted data to the US’s Food and Drug Administration. The data involved a clinical trial of its Covid-19 vaccine for children between ages 5 and 11…

Crash Course


Too many students spend countless hours on PSLE mathematics revisions, yet unable to achieve their desired score for exams. At Conceptual Thinkers PSLE Mathematics Final


IP vs IB – Which One Should My Child Choose?

With parents scrambling to secure a place in the Integrated Programme (IP) for their children, it may be easy to forget a thing or two about the program. Fret not, for we have rounded up information about the programme…


Where should my child go after PSLE?

Once your child receives his/her PSLE results, the next big question is finding out which secondary school is best suited for them. Depending on how your child scores, parents may be confused about the difference between the Integrated Programme, Express, Normal Academic, and Normal Technical streams…


Reasons Why Children Sometimes Don’t Study

We can sometimes observe how our children study at their desks. While studying or doing tuition centre homework, they may be staring blankly at their work. They may start doodling on their Math tuition papers, or fiddle around with their stationaries…