3 Tips From Parents to Parents on Raising Children (Part 1)


Today, I’m here to share with you three valuable tips on guiding your children’s growth from a group of parents whose careers consist of investors, HR experts and lecturers. They are here to share with you how we can start grooming our children good practices that shall become important in the future when they enter the working industry.


While your children might still be young, you could start nurturing them with the right attitude using these tips to prepare them ahead of everyone else.

1. Don’t just climb up, climb sideways

When we think of success, the road often seems like an arduous climb to the top. However, Ms. Ginette Chittick who runs the fashion diploma course at LASELLE advises that if students are unable to attain their dream career going up one path, they could always take an alternate path by utilising their skill sets for other careers.


“You may not get the job that you want in the industry, or you may not be interested in the job you’re studying for. But you can move sideways.”

2. Get noticed through networking

Very often in Asian families, the traditional thinking is that studying hard and getting a good qualification is all that’s required to land a good career. However, in our modern industry, this is no longer a practical method for getting ahead of other job-seekers. Rather, it’s wiser to attend networking events, recruitment fairs and trade shows to actually meet potential employers, says Mr. Imran Johri. He’s had 12 jobs, 11 of which came through people he’d met before.

“Be shameless when it comes to your own success, because no one else will do it for you.”

3. Cultivate a sense of fearlessness

Oftentimes, I talk about the acceptance of failure and how it’s important. Mr. Moh Hon Meng, co-founder of iFAST Corporation and father of two sons, agrees. He wants his children to be unafraid of failing.

“I’m never going to hire the guy who has never failed, because his first failure is likely to be with me.”

Be sure to watch this space as I’ll share with you more practical grooming tips in the future!

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